Change your relationship with alcohol

“There were days I couldn’t think of anything other than when I was going to have my next drink. I could not imagine my world without alcohol. It was time to Get Real.”

-Nikki Rigby

TNMI Certified Coach

Explore the possibility of being “Alcohol Free”

Relationships will flourish. Repaired to levels you didn’t think possible.

Fit in without having to drink. Have more fun and wake up hangover free.

Let’s Get REAL

Questioning your relationship with alcohol? Is it becoming more of a hindrance in your life than you would like?

Maybe you have tried quitting only to end up back where you started and breaking the cycle seems impossible.

Traditional methods focus on behavior and can leave you feeling deprived or with feelings of missing out. These methods use will power which is like a muscle and eventually give out. Experiencing cravings while “white knuckling it” is not uncommon.

The method I will work with you on will focus on your beliefs and thoughts around the substance, society and self. Opening up your subconscious will help you to explore possibilities that have been holding you back. When we work through these beliefs and thoughts, the desire is removed and the behavior follows suit. You wont need to rely on will power.

Most importantly, there is hope and you are not alone. You are in the right place. Here are just a few of the myths that lead us to cognitive dissidence with alcohol use that we will explore.

Are you aware of the numerous false statements concerning alcohol and how frequently alcohol is romanticized in advertisements and film?  The supposed benefits of alcohol are being imprinted on your mind by the wide reaching and powerful alcohol industry.  There are actually zero benefits to drinking alcohol…ZERO!

It is important to know that the term  “Alcoholic” is no longer used by Medical Professionals.  Alcoholic is an old school label that carries unfavorable stigmas.

Anyone can experience problematic drinking or what most cultures refer to as addiction. Alcohol addiction is not a disease, nor is there a “gene” that makes you subject to the condition.

We think alcohol relaxes us. It actually increases anxiety and stress. It also causes you to be more depressed. I will take you through the science behind this.

By exploring the possibility of an “Alcohol Free” life you will experience:

Renewal & repair of relationships
Clarity of thought
Enhanced job performance
Freedom from shame & guilt
Retention of memory
Weight loss

…The Benefits Are Abundant


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