Let me tell you my story

Now looking back, my life was not as planned, but then again, is it for anyone?  Could not be more grateful for the unexpected roads and the experiences they provided. And then BAM…with the loss of my father, life took a hard turn. Followed by a difficult divorce and raising two daughters as a single mom (all the while simultaneously creating a highly visible community based business), I became overwhelmed and unaware of the changes fostered within me… the ominous spiral towards addiction.

My biggest regret is the devastating emotional pain, which at the time was out of my control, caused to my loved ones. They too felt helpless and directionless. Alcohol played a very destructive role in my life and in turn, theirs. This undesirable pattern continued for years. It wasn’t until the end of one very bad bender (frequently referred to by my significant other and me as an “episode”), I had my defining moment. Waking up to the reality of my situation, I knew I could “never put another drop of alcohol into my body.”  Realizing, like the definition of insanity, that all my attempts to control or moderate my intake of alcohol were clearly not working. My episodes had to die.

The search for a solution

Soon after that last bender, I entered into an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and, in the process, gained a great deal of insight and several close connections which remain very important to me. Two months in to the 5 month program, a very dear friend who had battled addiction most of her life reached out to tell me about a book, THIS NAKED MIND  by Annie Grace. My introduction to this book made a profound impression. Immediately when I started listening to the audible version, I knew that THIS was what was missing!  THIS was what I needed! The minute that book was finished, a reading/listening frenzy began…QUIT LIKE A WOMAN  by Holly Whitaker;  HOW TO CONTROL ALCOHOL by Allen Carr and  ALCOHOL EXPLAINED by William Porter.  All of these authors were presenting me with new information based on science. It became increasingly evident that I had been consumed with false beliefs concerning alcohol. What I thought was true about alcohol turned out to be completely false.

My introduction to Annie Grace’s book, THIS NAKED MIND, made it clear that there is an “Old School Approach” and a “New School Approach.”  This new way of thinking provided a freedom from addiction that I could never have imagined.  No more cravings, no more shame, no more lies. Once I realized that alcohol offered no benefits and learned the truth about alcohol, I was able to move forward. My desire for alcohol had ceased. It completely changed my relationship with alcohol.

In discovering that Annie Grace offered a certified program to become a “This Naked Mind” coach and after careful research, without any hesitation, I signed up to become a coach. My desire to “pay it forward” and to help others change their relationship with alcohol was stronger than any other I had encountered…and this is what I present to you today.

GET REAL WITH ALCOHOL” has provided me with an immensely fulfilling, transforming and rewarding experience. Previous business skills, along with first-hand situational experience, have given me the tools necessary to show others the way to transform and regain control of their lives. As a certified “This Naked Mind” coach, I want to share with you everything I have learned. I want to help you change your relationship with alcohol and experience the incredible “alcohol free” life that will be yours…a life that will surpass anything you may have thought possible.